Seduce the diners

EatApp will allow you to upload rich media content to tell your story, and create striking rich visual menu.

Build engagement through valuable content, stimulate the senses with beautiful food photos and make browsing the menu an entertainment.

Built your brand awareness

Take full creative control over the look and feel of your restaurant’s visual menu. Upload your images, add your logos. EatApp allows you to create and manage your restaurant image with so called good taste.

Connect with diners

Let your potential customers find you via EatApp locally and globally. Tell your story about passion for food via rich media content.

Even more – share your backstories on chefs, ingredients, dishes and other interesting tidbits to entertain and engage users.

Promote your dishes

Cautiously reading the menu, making long interviews with waitstaff… We noticed that the lists of allergens are not delivered clearly, so we took care of that. In EatApp you can see them as clear tags and what’s more filter the dishes to avoid allergens

Your in-house sommelier

To make dinning experience even more joyful EatApp offers inspired wine recommendations with each dish.

Your waitstaff wouldn’t end trapped at one table explaining the subtle differences in bouquet (while other guests are awiting) and your clients would get the suggestion of a perfect match to their main couse.

Dynamic Menu

Did you run out of your signature course, but it is still on the menu and your guest still want to order it? Well with EatApp your waitstaff wouldn’t have to apologize countless times for such situation. You simply hide it in the menu, and promote other but just as much delicious choices.

Also EatApp’s intelligent menu can be set to change as the day flows – from breakfast, trough lunch to diner.

Sustainable choice

How many times your restaurant menu get updated during a year? Each time the card has to be updated and printed. Not to mention that traditional menus go trough hands of hundred guests and they quickly get worn off and unsightly and have to be thrown away.

EatApp is a menu that will never get outdated and worn – you can update it via application dashboard,

Improve dinning experience

Visually richer, intuitive to use, stimulating the senses EatApp is your own medium that will make browsing your menu a great experience for your users.

your offer

Thanks to EatApp diners can easily find preferred dishes, but you can help them take the decision. Promote your specials, suggest wines, offer dessert and inform about promotions via EatApp.

your waitstaff

We are all only people, sometimes it is difficult to remember all allergens and not everyone has a sommelier knowledge. Sometimes something is lost in translation. EatApp is a great tool to support the waitstaff in daily work.

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Reach out and let us know what’s on your mind!


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